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What is WordPress and is it right for your business website?

What is WordPress and is it right for your business website?

WordPress is an easy to use content management system (CMS) and very adaptable platform to build a business website upon. It’s been around since 2003 and it’s easily the most popular platform of its kind on the market today. Originally, designed with blogging in mind,  WordPress has grown to allow it’s users to do almost anything in an easy, user friendly way. You don’t need to be tech savvy to work with WordPress. For most business owners, WordPress is the best choice for their website.

When we consult with clients here at Orlando Website Studio, we ask them about their needs and goals for their website. A restaurant owner might need to have their menu implemented and be able to update prices or add/remove items over time. Someone who runs a construction company might want to post their latest projects with galleries showcasing their work.  Earlier I mentioned WordPress was designed as a “blogging” platform but with a proper developer behind it, WordPress can be built to accommodate all of these needs.

Five reasons to use WordPress

Lets break down some of WordPress’ features and the benefits of using this platform.

1. Ease of use

WordPress ships with an extremely easy to use interface. Adding new pages, images, posts, etc. on a regular basis can be done easily and quickly. WordPress makes it easy to keep your site current with what your business is doing. A neglected website makes a poor impression on new customers viewing you online for the first time. WordPress streamlines the task of updating your site in every way so you’re properly represented online.


2. Manage your website from anywhere

WordPress is built to be mobile friendly. If your company’s at a networking event and you’ve got new, great content to post about, you can do it right from your phone. A mechanic shop out showcasing their latest builds at a local car show can snap a few photos, update their site with a few clicks and make that content available for their whole customer base. WordPress doesn’t make you jump through hoops to update your site. It shouldn’t be a struggle and this platform recognizes that.


3. No HTML or other software required

Access to WordPress is through your browser. There’s no need to be tech savvy or know anything like HTML or CSS, that’s our job as web developers. Our clients can simply navigate to a web address, log in to their site and start updating it. WordPress has built in image cropping, text formatting, file upload, image galleries and a whole lot more. It’s all tied into their intuitive interface.


4. Search engine ranking

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a huge industry in itself. WordPress does a great job at laying the ground work for a good SEO ranking. Small technical things like the way a link is formatted, meta tags and keywords are just examples of things WordPress ships with to ensure you are recognized by sites like Google. WordPress provides a stable framework for an SEO expert to build upon and provides the tools you need to drive high traffic to your site.


5. Ecommerce support

Over the years, WordPress has been adapted to many, many different roles. The framework does a great job at doubling as an online store. You’ve got access to all of the management systems built into WordPress to update your site as your business grows. However, with added eCommerce support, you’re provided with additional options such as inventory management, shipping and order management, coupon codes, payments, etc., all the things you’d need to start a thriving online store. Additionally, you can attach analytic plugins to track the growth, high points and low points of your business and really get a good handle on how your business is doing.


WordPress offers a massive amount of quality of life improvements that would otherwise need to be hand crafted by your developer. Using the WordPress platform opens your website up to endless possibilities and provides excellent control over your content. Initial development is usually the highest cost of a new website. If you wanted all of this functionality without using a CMS platform like WordPress, the amount of billable hours would skyrocket. WordPress saves clients money. It provides great tools to build upon in web development and provides its users with everything they need to be successful.

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