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Mobile Websites are More Important Than ever

Mobile Websites are More Important Than ever

Mobile WebsiteMobile internet usage has officially surpassed desktop usage with 51.3% of all web visits coming from mobile devices in October of 2017. As a result mobile websites are more important than ever before.

There are already big changes coming from search engines like Google that can affect your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance. It’s time everyone has a mobile website.

I think most of us have known the importance of mobile optimized websites for a while now, but it’s getting even more important and not everyone has made the switch yet.

Google has changed to a mobile first algorithm.

As a result of the change in web visits, Google will now display mobile websites first in their results. This means if you don’t have a mobile website, your ranking will be hurt and you can fall short in results.

Why has Google made this change?

The obvious answer is that the design of the site should be optimized to look good on mobile,  but it’s a bit more complex than that. The reason Google decided to make this change is because sites were indexed by their desktop content. However, most websites that are mobile lack a lot of the content that is seen on the desktop version. The reason for this is that it’s hard to fit a lot of content into a smaller screen size. As a result, people searching from mobile devices are being sent to sites that don’t actually contain the content they were looking for.

What can be done to ensure your website isn’t hurt by this?

A good designer knows a website should always be designed with mobile-first in mind. This has been the rule for years. But, designers need to be sure that they’re fitting all of the best and most relevant content into the mobile version first.

How can I know if my site is optimized for this?

We can do a free evaluation for you to make sure the content you need is displaying mobile first.

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