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How a landing page can boost conversions and SEO

How a landing page can boost conversions and SEO

A landing page is one of the most simple and effective marketing tools available to websites.  Surprisingly, few companies take advantage of them.


What is a landing page?

Typically, a landing page is a website’s home page. It can, however be any page on the site. A landing page is any single page of a website dedicated to boosting conversion rates and aiding in SEO rankings. Any page a potential client lands on could be focused on marketing your product or service. Customers can arrive at landing pages from a number of places such as Pay-Per Click campaigns, a google search or an email campaign.

 A landing page sounds a lot like a home page. What’s the difference?

Your homepage is a catch-all for anyone that finds it. A landing page is designed to be found only by those specifically searching for it.


Your homepage should immediately inform users of who you are and what you offer. On the other hand, a landing page is used to highlight a specific product or service your company offers.

An example of a proper landing page would be a user searching for “best running shoes” and finding information about or products for the best running shoes. It wouldn’t be as helpful to the user if they were simply brought to your homepage which showed a wide array of shoes. If they enter a specific query, they expect to find a specific result.


How could a landing page help you?

Landing pages are beneficial to a site in many ways. Mainly, there’s two ways it improves your digital presence. Landing pages provide your site with more content, which is always good. Most importantly however, landing pages provide a conversion opportunity.

Landing pages have a very clear focus on the product, service or information they’re offering.  Landing pages are ideal for SEO and help provide your users with the information they want quickly.

It’s important to keep landing pages focused on a single goal. If a landing page’s information is generalized or casts too wide of a net, you could overwhelm your users.


SEO Landing Pages

A landing page isn’t always dedicated to user conversions. You don’t have to be selling a product or offering a service to utilize them. SEO landing pages are helpful for, well search engine optimization.  This type of landing page features a wide span of keywords or phrases related to one topic, while remaining relevant to a single topic.

Typically, these pages are written in a way that acts as a funnel. That is, starting off with a wide range of information and narrowing it down to a single focus near the end.  These pages are best used when they’re followed by an action-oriented landing page. These pages work best when they’re presented to a user that’s in the research stage of their decision.

Conversion Based Landing Pages

If a user has already done all the research and explored their options, they’re probably ready to take action. That’s where the conversion based landing pages shine. These pages are extremely effective for capitalizing on Google Adwords camapaigns or similiar pay per click efforts.

If you’re running an ecommerce site, these pages can be as simple as a well designed and structured product page focusing on selling a single item. Here users would be directed to add a product to their cart and gather information about the product to reinforce their purchase decision. Conversion landing pages are also used to gather information about users through a sign up or contact form.

The key with a conversion landing page is making sure every element on the page is directing a user to take a desired action. It’s important that the elements on these types of pages serve a purpose and are beneficial to your overall focus. To much information can be distracting and turn your landing page into an exit page.

How should you create a landing page for your website?

Your web design agency should be well equipped to set you up with a proper landing page. Depending on the platform your site is built on, the process should be fairly simple. Keep in mind that every CMS is different so the implementation will vary. Here’s a quick list of what your landing page should have:

  • A single focus
  • One goal that can be scaled
  • A design that creates an optimal user experience
  • Content centered around your user
  • Be sure to use the best SEO practices

If you’d like to ensure your landing page is done properly and has a high chance of succeeding, we at Orlando Website Studio have plenty of experience with creating successful landing pages and coordinating marketing campaigns. Feel free to use our contact form , we’d love to help you get the ball rolling.

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