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The Importance of Regular Content Updates

The Importance of Regular Content Updates

Good content is what sets your website apart from competitors. Whether you’re managing a website for your business, running an ecommerce store or a personal blog, the success of your website is determined primarily by it’s content.  All other aspects of your site (visuals, design, interactivity, etc.) are there to support your content. If you have good content, good design will only increase its effectiveness. Customers won’t continually revisit your site just because of good design. The content you provide is where your real value comes from. Regular content updates are important to your website for several reasons:


Staying Relevant

Have you ever been to a website and clicked their “Latest News” or “Blog” section and noticed that their last post was from 2+ years ago? That’s a poor reflection of their website and their business as a whole. Clients want to engage with businesses that are active and deliver fresh content. People want to know what your business has been up to. Showcase your latest projects or talk about new products you’re using to improve your efficiency.  Adding content to your site offers countless opportunities to build trust between your business and potential clients.


Show your expertise

If you don’t have any new projects to showcase or new tech to talk about, you can still add content to your site. If you’re running a business’ website you most likely offer a product or service. Talk about it. People are looking to work with you because you’re knowledgeable in your industry. If you’re a mechanic, talk about the importance of regular maintenance on vehicles. If you’re in the construction business, discuss the importance of reinforced concrete. It doesn’t matter what you update your site with as long as it’s accurate and relevant to your audience. People are more likely to work with someone who can show they know what they’re talking about.


Search Engine Optimization

One of the biggest benefits to regular content updates is the opportunity to improve your SEO rank. A website’s SEO rank determines where it falls on sites like Google, Yahoo and all the other major search engines out there.

Search engines will regularly “crawl” your site looking for new content. If you’re posting new, quality information frequently, you increase your chances to rank higher the next time your site is crawled. There’s a long list of factors that play into your SEO rank but adding new content is step one in the process. There’s entire industries built around SEO marketing and optimization but adding fresh, new content to your site regularly is something website owners can do before seeking a professional for help.

New content also attracts clients who love to share what they find on social media. This is more applicable to blogs and promotions but social sharing can play a major role in increasing your sites value with search engines. Improving your search engine ranking increases your chance of attracting new clients. Making regular content updates helps your overall SEO ranking and makes you more appealing to new clients.

If you’re looking to update your content and you’re not sure where to start, let us help. Contact us, we’d be happy to add new pages or functionality to allow you to maintain your site easily.

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