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Browse through old Geocities websites from the late 90's and early 2000's. Geocities is an old Yahoo service that was removed in 2009 but a lot of content was saved. This is a look back through web history.
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Geocities: Taking a Look Back at Website History

Geocities: Taking a Look Back at Website History

Geocities WebsitePeople have been designing and building websites for over 20 years now and we have stumbled across some of the oldest websites on the web thanks to the old Geocities web service from Yahoo.

Some of you may have been familiar with Yahoo Geocities in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. It was a free service where anyone could create an account with web hosting space in just minutes. It offered a full file manager and even an HTML editor. Needless to say it was very popular and millions of users took advantage. The service was eventually shut down on April 23, 2009. However, many of the sites were saved before they could be deleted.

Millions of Geocities websites were mirrored and saved

A website called oocities managed to “mirror” and save over 2 million websites from Geocities. It has a huge directory to literally browse through internet history. I found myself browsing for hours in amazement because it shows you how far we’ve come and even how incredibly talented some of these web designers were even 20 years ago.

Start browsing

Click here to start browsing by alphabetical order. Change the number in the address bar to move to other pages: (Up to 437)

Some of the best Geocities websites we found

Some of these websites are just crawling with personality and creativity. Below is a small list of some of our favorites.

  • One of our favorites is a site by Tish_girl_99. Just click through and let this ancient website tell you a story.
  • You can find just about anything on Geocities. Including this old studio website: Click here
  •  Welcome to the world of dxjason
  • As you can see by this example some of these people put a lot of time into their sites.


Get lost in the ancient web

We barely scratched the surface browsing through these old websites. There are still millions more buried out there on the web. We encourage you to get lost in the old world of Geocities and to discover a bit of internet history for yourselves! Start here!




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