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Best Practices for Choosing a Domain Name

Best Practices for Choosing a Domain Name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is what people type into their web browser to bring up your website. Or, for a more technical definition: A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet. It connects to an IP address or several IP addresses on the internet linking your custom name to the server in which your website is hosted on. This makes it easier for users to find you rather than typing in an ugly IP address every time they want to visit your website.


Why is choosing a good domain name important?

Having a good domain name means the difference in how much traffic you receive. If your domain is meaningful, short and simple, people will find you more easily.


Some tips when choosing your domain name:


Choose keyword rich domain names. Choose domain names that are relevant to the content / services the website provides. Google and other big search engines should rank you higher in search results based on the relevance of your name.

Keep it simple. Try keeping your name short and to the point. No one wants to type in a large  name every time they visit your site.

Avoid hyphens. When possible, avoid using hyphens in domain names. Hyphens can appear as “spammy” to some search engines.

Register misspelled variants. It’s always best to register domains that may be very similar or that a user might misspell. Redirecting these variants back to the correct domain can increase traffic.

Register multiple domain types. Registering .com, .net, .org and other domain extensions can be helpful in generating more traffic. Most domain companies will provide special deals for packaging multiple domain types into one purchase.


We’re here to help you find the perfect domain name! Let’s talk.

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