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Bad SEO Practices That Can Hurt Your Ranking

Bad SEO Practices That Can Hurt Your Ranking

As all of us in the web industry know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial piece of every website. There are costly mistakes or bad SEO practices that can  severely hurt your websites ranking.

Have you ever received a phone call from a company promising you first page results on Google? We sure have and we can tell you one thing: you can never promise first page results on Google. It’s a lie. These companies use bad SEO practices that actually hurt your ranking.  We’re not saying that all SEO companies do this, but if you’ve ever been promised first page, that should be a red flag to you.

So, what exactly do these companies do? They sell you to link farms.

What is a link farm?

Link farms are paid to trade your links with other websites. Basically, other websites that are mostly irrelevant to your website will place links to you on their site. By doing that you build up back links which greatly impacts SEO. So why is this a bad thing? Google has a very complex algorithm when it comes to crawling and ranking websites. When Google notices a bunch of irrelevant sites are back linking to you it will be seen as spam and your ranking will drop drastically.

No one can promise you first page results.

This point really needs to be stressed. Unless you’re a google employee with the power to rank a website wherever you want to, you cannot promise first page.  You can, however, do all the right SEO friendly things to try and achieve first page. Things like proper page titles, regular content updates, keyword research and more.

Other bad SEO practices…

Spam. Don’t be spammy because Google will not like you. It’s good to place keywords in your content but overdoing it can look spammy to Google and will hurt your ranking.

Keyword Meta Tag. The keyword meta tag used to be very important for SEO until people started to abuse it. Now, placing that tag appears as spam to Google and that’s the last thing you want. Not sure what this tag is? It’s piece of HTML code that you will only see if you’re Google or a web developer but it’s very important that it gets removed. Not sure if your website has this? We can check for you!


It’s extremely important to not appear spammy to Google. Google is the number one tool to website success. So, if we can leave you with the biggest and most important piece of advice, it would be this: don’t sell out. If you’re called by an SEO company promising you first page results, hang up. We won’t lie to you and promise you first page, but we will do all of the right things to boost your SEO. By doing this we have landed lots of websites on the first page of Google. Contact us today to get your website ranking well and looking good doing it!

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